Crystal Light Therapy affects us on all levels of matter and energy – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally

 Casa Crystal Light Therapy does the following:

  • Balances the chakras and subtle energy bodies.

  • Activates healing processes in the subconscious and the body.

  • Rejuvenates physical systems for improved function.

  • Re-harmonizes frequencies in the electro-magnetic field.

  • Activates the expansion of inner senses for spiritual awareness.

  • Improvements in health and physical conditions.

  • Assists in the release of emotional and mental blocks that may be

  • keeping us from experiencing health, wholeness, abundance, and fulfilling relationships.

  • Provides insights into our questions about our purpose and next steps.

  • Liberation from negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger, sadness.

  • Brings relaxation and feelings of peace.

  • Inspires awareness into past issues, memories, and patterns that can be the root cause of dis-ease.

  • Promotes an overall feeling of well being and lessened stress.