• Come with an open mindset of relaxed receptivity to experience the greatest result.  Have an attitude of letting go and allowing.  You may also come with a specific intention or prayer for what you want help with.

  • A Crystal Light treatment is safe and non-invasive.  You will remove your shoes and glasses and lie fully clothed on a bed or massage table.  The seven quartz crystals are suspended approximately 12 inches above your body and aligned over your chakras or energy centers.

  • Once you are settled and comfortable, a cloth is placed over your eyes, the lights dimmed, and the lights that move through the crystals are turned on.

  • With soft music playing, you will be guided into a state of relaxation and will focus on your intention for the session.

  • All you need do is relax in a meditative state and the lights and crystals and healing energies of the Spirit Entities of Light will do the rest, producing a cleansing, balancing, and aligning effect on your body, mind, and spirit.


     Your experience is completely individual and is unique to your needs, intentions,  and levels of awareness.  Individual experiences will range from a calming, relaxing  session to a life-altering healing experience.
  The Casa Crystal Bed brings the energy and power of the healing vibration of the Casa to the client.